• Dennis J. Murray
  • Francis X. Devine, CFA
    Executive Vice President
  • Robert A. Tribuiani
    Managing Director, Head of Business Development
  • Mark Emrich
    Managing Director, Business Development
  • Daniel M. DiDomenico III, CPA/ABV, CFA
    Senior Managing Director
  • John P. Carroll, ASA
    Managing Director
  • Stephen P. Davis
    Managing Director
  • Jordan J. Barnett, CFA
  • Neil K. Khettry, CFA
  • Kamil K. Dmowski
  • Brooke Miller, CFA
  • Ryan J. Gallagher, CFA, CPA
    Vice President
  • James S. Godderz
    General Counsel

Long tenure, depth of experience, reliable judgment. These are the qualities that distinguish the senior financial professionals at Murray Devine. They are uniquely equipped to provide valuations that stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny. Click below to learn more about selected members of our team.

Dennis J. Murray (215) 599-4600 dmurray@murraydevine.com
Francis X. Devine, CFA (215) 977-9002 fdevine@murraydevine.com
Robert A. Tribuiani (267) 273-1508 robtrib@murraydevine.com
Mark Emrich (646) 442-3794 memrich@murraydevine.com
Daniel M. DiDomenico III, CPA/ABV, CFA (215) 977-8092 danield@murraydevine.com
John P. Carroll, ASA (267) 479-3364 jcarroll@murraydevine.com
Stephen P. Davis (215) 977-8122 sdavis@murraydevine.com
Jordan J. Barnett, CFA (267) 479-3362 jbarnett@murraydevine.com
Neil K. Khettry, CFA (267) 479-3361 nkhettry@murraydevine.com
Kamil K. Dmowski (215) 569-3120 kdmowski@murraydevine.com
Brooke Miller, CFA (267) 273-1501 ex 338 bmiller@murraydevine.com
Ryan J. Gallagher, CFA, CPA (267) 273-1512 ex 317 rgallagher@murraydevine.com
James S. Godderz (215) 977-8700 jgodderz@murraydevine.com