John P. Carroll, ASA
Managing Director

John P. Carroll, ASA

John Carroll joined Murray Devine in 2011. John works within the Machinery & Equipment Valuation Group at Murray Devine and his primary responsibilities include the valuation of tangible fixed assets. He currently is responsible for valuation analysis, field investigation, industry and market research, and report writing of personal property covering multiple industries.

Prior to his position with Murray Devine, John was a Manager in Ernst & Young’s Valuation and Business Modeling Group, a Senior Manager with Suncorp Valuation Inc., operated his own machinery & equipment appraisal firm, Carroll & Company, for five years, was the Chief Machinery & Equipment Appraiser for Wachovia (Wells Fargo) bank, a Senior Associate with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, worked for Valuation Research Corporation and for Enterprise Appraisal Company.

John has over 30 years of dedicated valuation experience in the appraisal of various types of machinery and equipment. He has performed valuation engagements for purposes of allocating purchase price, ad valorem tax, asset-based financing, audit support, bankruptcy, leasing, impairment, interest expense apportionment, and insurance.

Clients served have been involved with chemical processing, oil and gas, refining, electrical power and cogeneration, pharmaceuticals, automotive and truck manufacturing, food and beverage processing, telecommunications, forging, printing, plastics manufacturing, textile processing, glass manufacturing, railroad equipment, waste water treatment facilities, pulp and paper manufacturing, lumber mills, metal working, warehousing and distribution and equipment leasing.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Management, from West Chester University. He has participated in numerous continuing education courses sponsored by the American Society of Appraisers.

John is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) with the American Society of Appraisers in Machinery and Technical Specialties since 1987 and is re-certified through 2018.